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Hitchhiking in the desert, from Port Augusta to Erldunda

Already few weeks  ago, that the idea to hitchhike on Australian roads is running through my  mind. So in Adelaide, I splited up with our little band to be alone  for a while. Hitchhike experience in the desert, especially the first day was very exciting and interresting. I had planned ten liters of water, lots of can of food, my tent and a sleeping bag in case i had to sleep in the bush. The bag is heavy but it is better to be foresighted. It was during this first day that I most walked, between 15 and 20km, before Tomas, a young Australian doing a weekly commute between Adelaide and Roxby Down picked me up for the 150 km remaining until Woomera.

Woomera is a small village with 250 people, it marks the beginning of the forbidden area, a plot of 127 000 km2 (the surface Area of England), yielded to United States after the World War II. That, it’s offering to our American friends a great playground for testing all kinds of missiles and Rocket. It is forbidden to fly over and enter. Nobody knows exactly what they are doing (aside from the regular missile tests). Design new weapons, smilitary cientific research, area 51 … X-files lovers, I give you free rein to your imagination.
Coming in, I settled down in the only caravan park, the Traveler’s Village. Here I met the owner, Lynette Little Soon I will dub her, My Aussie Mum, owing to the kindness she is to me. Not wishing to see me sleeping in my tent when the weather was beginning to be bad, she offered me a room, we spend the whole evening talking in the bar, where she insisted on offering me more Jack Daniel. The next morning, she will even pick me up to the main road  so that I can continue my journey. Lynette, thank you again for all this generosity.

My Aussie Mum


Once on the main road, my second walking day started. Next stop, Cooper Pedy, about 350km. After about 5 km walking, Dan, his wife and their two dogs  stoped, they live in Coober Pedy and are going home after two weeks of vacation with their family. That is perfect. The road with them go very quickly.

Coober Pedy is the famous cave-dweller town in the desert with post-pocalyptiques landscapes where numerous movies, including Mad Max, Star Wars, Pitch Black, Priscilla and so on, have been running. This city is also the capital of the Opal, and sincerely, you would think that the city has been built on a mine! I spent 2 nights in a underground hostel! No windows, dark … but cool

After that, I headed off to Erldunda, more a rest area in the middle of a desert than a village. 500 km north. During this trip, it is Rob, an Englishman living in Australia for 10 years, working for an Australian travel agency who picked me up. He was very good company, and must make several stops to visit some customers before coming in Alice Spring. Notably we stoped at Indulkana,  a small Aboriginal community (Anangu). There are a school, a center Aboriginal art and some houses. The site attracts me right away, and curious to know and understand the culture, Aboriginal opinion and their way of life  in Australia, I asked the staff if I could stay here for a while. Unfortunately, to stay here, a permit is required. Perhaps asking more the manager, it would have been possible to stay, but Rob had to start quickly, letting me little time to think about. So I decided, with some regret, to go with him, leaving behind me, an experience that would undoubtedly have been unforgettable and instructive.

Here is Rob


Getting to Erldunda, I found again Frank, Chris, Sarah and Nick, my hitchhiking trip ends here. We now look out for the symbol of the Aboriginal community, the sacred Mount of Uluru


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    J’espère te croiser un jour pour que tu me racontes tout ça et en attendant, bonne continuation!!!

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