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Shepparton, following and end…

Life in Shepparton was far from being hectic, but few details are worth to be storied. To begin I will briefly introduce few people of our “gypsy camp”.

dsc_0127The one we can consider as the mascot was Trayvord, originallydsc_0186 from Queensland, he is 47 years old, but his daily consumption of alcohol and cigarettes make it looks 60. Far from to have enjoyed a life of comfort, he has been in prison for stealing cows. Married and divorced with four children (he does not see for long time ago). He has been harvesting almost 12 years in Boris’s farm. His nickname, broken leg, it gave to him because of an accident (he felt from the ladder). Every day, without exception, he drink his cubi of bad red wine. Nevertheless very pleasant and engaging, we spent several evenings with him listening to his stories.

Danni, a Serbian expatriated in Australia few years ago. His character is marked by his nervousness and his misogyny. Talking to him about history or politics does not particularly easy, he monopolizes the conversation and does not accept any argument. But nevertheless, he is a good and pleasant father, buying grass and girls for his only son. Ok. maybe I’m exaggerating a little. I’ll spare you the detail about these so-called diamond traffic.

dsc_0185Patrick  … that is the icing on the cake! Originally from Sydney, we only know the life that he imagines to be his! Therefore our Pat think that he is a secret agent working for the Australian Government to fight against the KKK. His father, who is nothing else than the inventor of the atomic bomb, and also a hero of war, knowing all the great politico-diplomatic secrecy of the second half of the 20th century. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are therefore a big plot australiano-Japanese in order to scare the Communists. Indeed the high Australian diplomats of those times would have visited the Japanese Emperor to tell him the facts, to show him the evidence of the massacre that Nazis were doing, so that he reacted. By this way a secret agreement would have been signed between both governments to simulate the atomic bomb. As for the current relations between Europe and Australia … well, they should improve soon . Indeed, Australia, France, United Kingdom and Ireland (perhaps more, I do not remember very well) will become one in the next three years, to be one and  single nation. And of course, because of the importance of his family and himself, he is awaiting to meet again and marry his fiancee who is  anyboby else than Stephanie De Monaco!

That’s it for the main characters!!

Besides them, our bunch of Franco-Belgian-Canadian spends the time between harvesting and  good night. Every evening, we was making good meals, from traditional pasta dish to the elaboreted rooster marineted in wine. For the record, Boris (the owner of the farm) allowed us to kill 4 of these roosters, we’ve plucked them, and made them marinated one whole night in a Australian red wine! Perhaps our best meal!!

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