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This is the 2nd largest city in Australia with its 4 millionpeople. It is widely regarded as the cultural and sporting capital of Australia. It has thrice shared top position in a survey by The Economist of the World’s Most Livable Cities on the basis of its cultural attributes, climate, cost of living, and social conditions such as crime rates and health care, in 2002, 2004 and 2005.

In Melbourne, this week, Tim a couchsurfer, hosted me in his house for 1 week. Therefore I was living in a large and pleasant house at some kilometer from the centre. As chance, Tim also hosted Nicolas for 3 days.
A very good experience with couchsurfing.

I will not give more details, I spent 6 days to visit, walking in cities and parks, to some museums, an exhibition on AC / DC, another on the history of Australian or cimema I was able to photograph the car Madmax, and last the life of Dennis Hopper.

I let you have a look at the pictures … it is —here—

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