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South West Rock Dives

A dive in a cave, simply amazing!
To give you an idea of the place,  here is a  schema:


Then we went down to 24 meters deep, once torches are on, we came into the cave, and, better not be claustrophobic, especially going up in the chimeys. Underwater in the cave darkness is really scary and some way are really very narrow. Regarding wildlife, it is important to be vigilant to avoid touching the ??? (i don’t remenber the name) a species of shark, which remains static on the bottom awaiting the arrival of prey. This specie is not dangerous as long as we don’t step on them by mistake, because in this case they might bite. Otherwise there are all sorts of crustaceans living in the darkness of the cave.

Grey Nurse Shark

But the most impressive happens only at the exit of the cave. In fact the place is constantly populated by scores of Grey Nurse Shark, another species of shark, 3 meter long, inofensive if we do not bother them too much. Its big mouth and sharp and curved teeth make it looks aggressive. However, his attacks against humans are rare and often caused by human carelessness. Therefore we skirted the walls to avoid teasing them too closely. By the time the sharks are approaching so near we could almost touch them. Of all the dives done in Australia (11 total), this one are by far the best. Unfortunately, not rented camera, I only could recuperated very little photography, whose quality was very weak.

Rather than post pictures that do not represent the beauty of the site, I invite you to see those posted on the diving center web site. —Click here— and once on the page go to the gallery South West Rock Dive Photo.

As a bonus, a small video:

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  1. Seb says:

    si tuto, todo estara traducido prontito!!

  2. Tuto says:

    hey esto se ve espectacular. yo quieroooooooo fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    ponlo en español ó al menos en ingles para entender bien de que va todo esto, pero creo que esta caverna debe ser lo mejor del mundo para bucear.
    un abrazo amigo, disfruta de la vida!!!

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