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Cairns – Australia

Aller encore en anglais…

The jetstar fly, the last step.. In the fly we are in the best place, just front of the australian stewardess. So 3 hours flying, 3 hours waiting in the Darwin airport (immediatly we went in the toilet looked the water leaving into the neck! it’s ok, the water is whirling counter clockwise) and again 3 hours flying!!
Cairns Australia, at last, we are!!
In the airport, there is notice warning of you can not have more of 250 cigarette. I’ve got 400, 200 in each bag!! So when one dog with a policeman began to smell my bag, i was… just afraid! It seemed the dog smelt something… fuck off!! Finally my hand bag will be seached but not the another, and i passed the border.

Cairns, i really small towns. For the two firts nights we will be in the Northern Greenhouse. The prices aren’t the same than in malaysia!! 26 Aus$ each and per night! But it’s really good and clean.
So monday, we take a walk in the city, buy our phone number, looked for a bank, and also about diving, skydiving, activities…
We also go in the Cairns Sharehouse where we book a twin room for 3 weeks in the house with swimming pool shared with one Austraian guy, one asutalian girl and one Irish girl. We’ll come in on Wednwsday! We’re gonna paid 135 aus$ per weeks.

Firt night in Cairns. we took some beer near to the swimming pool, we met and we drunk rhum with 2 french.
we finished in the Gilligan bar. The biggest bar of cairnes, full of backpacker and australian people.

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