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Singapour – re

Aller soyons fou, pour ce post je le tente en anglais!!

So arriving in Singapor airport, we asked a Duch’s couple if they didn’t mind sharing a taxi with us for saving money. They accepted. We were gonna sleep in the Cozi Corner Guesthouse, and them, in the great and certainly expensive Queen Hotel. I don’t know if it was a pity or just sympaty, but they finally paid the taxi themself.
The afternoon, we just looked for laptop, and for the night we decided going to the big complex of bar, disco called Zouk, Phuture, and Velvet Undergroud. It’s expensive for coming in but we don’t care. It’s just immense. We’ll stay inside about 2 hours, drinking whisky, dancing and looking the singapor’s girls!!
Saturday: breakfast, internet – yes, australia’s landing is approaching and we have to looking for a shared flat and/or couchsurfing -
Being fed up with those laptops which are going too slowly and where we couldn’t put any storage key …etc, we ran to the Simlims a big informatic center near to little india. Once inside, it’s a true trade fair, maybe 6 flats and hundreds of shops, It’s swarming everywhere. We really negociated so much with 2 shops to get the best price!! Finally we got each other a good netbook, more 1 go ram added and a universal adaptor, for 573 SIN$ or 235 euros. Not bad!!
Logically, we cames back into the guesthouse for trying it, like two children with a new toy.
Saturday night we took a walk in little india where they’re still celebrating the Deepavaly. We’ll termine drinking Singapor Pring coktail, in the Country… ??? beside our previous guesthouse.
Sunday, waiting for our fly, we spend some hours in a Starbuck coffee connected in internet before being off to the airport.

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