Eh, t'es où là !!


Cairns – Australia

Seb | 30 septembre 2009

Aller encore en anglais…
The jetstar fly, the last step.. In the fly we are in the best place, just front of the australian stewardess. So 3 hours flying, 3 hours waiting in the Darwin airport (immediatly we went in the toilet looked the water leaving into the neck! it’s ok, the water is whirling counter [...]

Singapour – re

Seb | 30 septembre 2009

Aller soyons fou, pour ce post je le tente en anglais!!
So arriving in Singapor airport, we asked a Duch’s couple if they didn’t mind sharing a taxi with us for saving money. They accepted. We were gonna sleep in the Cozi Corner Guesthouse, and them, in the great and certainly expensive Queen Hotel. I don’t [...]

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