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Australia is ending up here…

Seb | April 8, 2010

That some time now I have not taken the time to write, not for lack of time or internet connection, but just because i didn’t feel like it …
I will be brief to tell you these last weeks in Oz
Once arriving at Erlduda, I found again Frank and company. Together we went to the conquest [...]

Hitchhiking in the desert, from Port Augusta to Erldunda

Seb | March 19, 2010

Already few weeks  ago, that the idea to hitchhike on Australian roads is running through my  mind. So in Adelaide, I splited up with our little band to be alone  for a while. Hitchhike experience in the desert, especially the first day was very exciting and interresting. I had planned ten liters of water, lots [...]

Adelaide and the wine road

Seb | March 19, 2010

My trip to Adelaide was very brief and marked especially by the Wine Road in the region of Barrossa! At 9:30 am, go to the first winery, which is also the more known, Jacob Creek … 10:30am let’s drink, the first tastings start. Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Merlot, Mataro Mourvedre, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Pinot Black, Chardonnay, [...]

Shepparton, following and end…

Seb | March 15, 2010

Life in Shepparton was far from being hectic, but few details are worth to be storied. To begin I will briefly introduce few people of our “gypsy camp”.
The one we can consider as the mascot was Trayvord, originally from Queensland, he is 47 years old, but his daily consumption of alcohol and cigarettes make it [...]

Shepparton, harvesting and gypsy camp

Seb | February 6, 2010

After 6 greats comfort days in Tim’s house in Melbourne, I am now in the small town of Shepparton.
Just arrived, I met a bunch of French (difficult to avoid them, there is a big french community, over than 2500 people  looking for a job in this small town). Immediately, they accepted i jumped into their [...]


Seb | February 3, 2010

This is the 2nd largest city in Australia with its 4 millionpeople. It is widely regarded as the cultural and sporting capital of Australia. It has thrice shared top position in a survey by The Economist of the World’s Most Livable Cities on the basis of its cultural attributes, climate, cost of living, and social [...]


Seb | January 13, 2010

See Sydney’s pictures (Christmas pictures are on a special page)
So where to start? In five weeks in Sydney, many things happened. and because I did not write as I went along – yes I lost the habit- it will be complicated.
For my first week in Sydney, and thanks to my dear and beloved friend Lamya, [...]

South West Rock Dives

Seb | December 2, 2009

A dive in a cave, simply amazing!
To give you an idea of the place,  here is a  schema:

Then we went down to 24 meters deep, once torches are on, we came into the cave, and, better not be claustrophobic, especially going up in the chimeys. Underwater in the cave darkness is really scary and some [...]

Byron Bay & Nimbin

Seb | November 28, 2009

See Byron & nimbin pictures
At the beggining, Byron Bay was just a small industrial town with no interest, only in the 50s and 60s, after the closure of factories that surfers discover the vibrant nature and beautiful beaches, starting point of the tourist boom. Byron Bay is also well known for his Hippie character and [...]

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